Anton Stadler's productions are musical performances that range between different genres, formations and organics. Usually linked to tango and jazz, there are ensembles ranging from solo singer and duo to quartet. Each show, with a remarkable artistic profile, employs top-level musicians of the national and international musical scene.

The productions of Anton Stadler, besides being included in the exhibitions organized by the association, are stably distributed in the major music circuits of national and European territory.



Past, present and future condensed into a unique and unusual journey through the history of Tango. Fusion and contamination, tradition and innovation, but also balance, technique, imagination and improvisation. From a stylistic and compositional point of view these are the elements that characterize Contemporary Tango.

The result is an interesting synthesis between the sound world of Jazz and Tango Nuevo. A mélange of strength and passion, energy and pathos, in which classic suggestions are recognized, in the rigor of the composition inspired by the balance of form and the counterpoint of the great masters of the past, but always focusing on contemporary avant-gardes.

An innovative show, in which the dimensions of time and space fold up to meet, guiding the listener in an exciting and seductive journey from the traditional Tango, to the jazz and avant-garde influences of Astor Piazzolla and to Fabio Furia's original compositions. An artistic experience in which the tango reaches its maximum evolution, transformed and revolutionized.

Not just music, therefore, but Art, in its broadest and most modern sense. In fact, Next Tango proposes an eclectic and multi-faceted itinerary in which the poetic power of music blends with the technical virtuosity of the artists. A production result of a real path of research and experimentation, based on the comparison and interaction between genres and styles.

Sounds become poetry in a musical itinerary in which the refined compositional technique is combined with the profound melodic sensibility and the passionate improvisation, in the executive virtuosity of an all-Italian formation. A deeply jazz and contamination repertoire that fits into an intimately evocative and emotional dimension.


This production can be realized in the quartet version with the Anna Tifu Tango Quartet: Anna Tifu, violin; Fabio Furia, bandoneon; Romeo Scaccia, piano; Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass.

The "Contemporary Tango" version in quartet with the Novafonic Quartet may also be created: Fabio Furia, bandoneon; Gianmaria Melis; Marco Schirru, piano and Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass or in trio: Fabio Furia, bandoneon; Marco Schirru, piano and Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass or duo with piano: Fabio Furia, bandoneon; Marco Schirru, piano.


A path of research and experimentation that explores the infinite timbre, melodic, technical and expressive possibilities of this new formation made up of two great virtuosos of the instrument: Fabio Furia, bandoneon and Gianmaria Melis, violin.

The proposed repertoire sinks its roots in the tango which is however completely revolutionized and transformed, crossing its formal, compositional and expressive borders but retaining its distinctive features, made of melody and passion. The traditional pieces are rethought and recomposed through avant-garde arrangements of great emotional impact, to highlight the beauty and unexplored possibilities of the themes in addition to the technical and interpretative skills of the artists. It is easy to see bold harmonies of a contemporary imprint combined with a typically classic counterpoint rigorousness until reaching spaces of improvised freedom. Some of the most important composers and arrangers of this musical genre sign this refined and unpublished program, specially composed for this ensemble: Daniel Binelli, Leonardo Terruggi and Juan Josè Mosalini.

Among the proposed songs a delicate and monumental fantasy on the most famous and appreciated masterpieces of Astor Piazzolla, composed for this formation, to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great Argentine master who occurs in 2021.


On stage Fabio Furia, bandoneon and Gianmaria Melis, violin.


A production focused on the unusual union between the ductile and passionate sound of the bandoneon and the delicate guitar virtuosity. An overwhelming journey through the history of tango, from its origins to its maximum evolution, which has reached the limit of exquisitely jazzy atmospheres. In this way we will pass from Gardel's cançiòn tango, passing between the rhythms historically dedicated to dance up to the harmonic and rhythmic complexity of Piazzolla's tango nuevo and compositions by contemporary authors. The history of tango from the 1930s to the present day.


This production can be realized in the duo version: Fabio Furia, bandoneon and Alessandro Deiana, guitar or in trio: Fabio Furia, bandoneon and Alessandro Deiana, guitar and Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass.


It is a proposal with an intimate and intense character that marks a journey of introspection and research aimed at experimenting and highlighting all the expressive, timbre and harmonic possibilities of this fascinating instrument. A dense and exciting program that leads the listener to the wonderful discovery of the bandoneon. The compositional rigor and the audacious technical virtuosity that condense in the proposed pieces seem softened by the enchanting aura of this instrument so enigmatic and seductive. The classic thus bends towards the contemporary until it merges into a single material where there are no more boundaries of style, time and gender. The technical and expressive skill of Fabio Furia become the center of the narrative, for an hour of music of the highest level.


On stage Fabio Furia, bandoneon.


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